.          5 STARS

Another excellent book from Amy Jarecki! The second daughter of the black knight, Helen, is in an abusive marriage and finally wants out. Her childhood crush Eoin fortuitously comes to the castle on the King’s business and agrees to get a message to Helen’s brother. The strength of this heroine is awe-inspiring! She leads the defense of the castle, she ensure humiliation at the hands of her husband, is the chatelaine of the castle and cares for her infant daughter. This is a great addition to the Campbell chronicles.


Another steamy Scottish historical romance by Amy Jarecki set in 1493: After five years of marriage, Lady Helen has failed to produce an heir. Giving birth to a lass, Helen’s husband rejects her and openly takes a lover while she endures in silence. 

But war is brewing. The MacDonald feud with the crown comes to a head and with it arrives Helen’s childhood friend, Sir Eoin MacGregor. Eoin and his men join with the MacIain Clan to quell the rebellion. But when he witnesses Helen suffer undue humiliation, his troubles escalate tenfold. 

If Eoin helps the lady escape, he will break the sanctity of marriage. Worse, the king has commanded Eoin to fight beside her barbarous husband. To rescue Helen from tragedy worse than death, will the gallant knight find the strength to mask his deepest desires to save the woman he’s always loved?