GIVE UP THE GHOST by Kelly Moran

cover65490-medium.                  99 STARS

Can I do that?? Give 99 stars instead of 5? This one deserves them! Oh my gosh! This book held me spellbound from the first! Kelly Moran has created the most amazing characters and I fell in love with all of them. The story was intense and pulled at all my emotions. I can’t wait to read more of this paranormal team.


Paranormal investigator Kerry Baker has seen it all. But nothing in her work with the Phantoms team prepares her for the most terrifying ghost of all―seeing her doppelganger. Rumored to be a foreshadowing of one’s death, the spectre shakes Kerry to the core…sending her into the arms of her best friend and fellow Phantom cast member, Paul Leake, for comfort.

Until a kiss changes everything.

Paul has been in love with Kerry for ages, unwilling to compromise their friendship. As their investigation in a ghost town grows more intense, however, so does the chemistry between Paul and Kerry. With her life in danger and their jobs on the line, giving into their attraction couldn’t be a worse idea―and yet they can’t bring themselves to stop it. Even if it kills her…


Highland Burn by Victoria Zak

Highland Burn                                                                                    4 STARS

There is something magical and alluring in the word ‘dragon.’  Any story has to automatically be better with a dragon in it! Although I thought myself a non-shifter person, I did enjoy this book very much. Love is not sensible and cannot be controlled. Abigale’s love for James not only continues but grows stronger as she learns his secret. Continue reading

Snow In July by Kim Iverson Headlee

Snow in July                                               5 STARS!!

As her brother is dying from wounds received at the Battle of Hastings, Lady Kendra promises him that she would do anything for him, even cause it to snow in July if she could. But his request is even harder than that. He wants her to promise she will seek happiness. But how will she fulfill that promise when the new king, William of Normandy, has commanded her to marry one of his knights? Kendra knows she must obey even though to do so will cause her to break the other oath she made: to never marry a Norman (unless it snows in July) because a Norman was responsible for causing her brother’s death.

The Norman knight comes in disguise and Kendra has to work hard not to fall in love with “Squire Alain”. He immediately falls in love with her and comes to regret his subterfuge.

This story held my attention throughout. The trials and dangers faced by the characters were many but not exaggerated in an unbelievable way. I hated every interruption that made me put the book down! Kendra’s heartbreak made me empathetic to her troubles and Alain stole my heart with his devotion to her: “His sole regret…was that he could not keep kissing her until all the stars fell from the sky.”

A refreshingly “clean” romance with a touch of magic. A 5 star read and highly recommended! Continue reading