summit of sedution                                     5 STARS

Summit of Seduction is another beautiful love story by Elena Aitken. It has love, uncertainy, sorrow and loss and touches every emotion inside you as you read. I have loved all of Ms Aitken’s books and recommend every series as they build on each other and old friends are brought along into the new books.


With a sick mother, the bills piling up and her best friend leaving town in the middle of it all, the last thing Cynthia Giles needs in her life is a man. Especially one like Seth McBride. Sure, he’s sexy as hell and the memory of what his strong hands felt like on her body keep her up at night, but that’s exactly why she needs to keep her distance. It was one time…okay twice…but it can’t happen again because Seth represents everything she doesn’t need.

She isn’t his type. Not even close. Seth likes his women blond, wild and without any expectations for a relationship. But there’s something about the smoldering redhead that Seth can’t stay away from. Neither of them meant for anything to happen between them, but it did and ever since, Seth can’t get her out of his head. And he’s almost positive Cynthia feels the connection, too.

He might even be able to convince her to admit she feels the same way. But when Cynthia discovers a truth that will rock both of their worlds, all bets are off while they try to navigate their new future.


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