MY WARRIOR by Glynnis Campbell

My warrior                                       5 STARS

A Laird’s daughter, growing up in a castle, set to inherit the title of Laird, marriage to a noble knight. What more could a girl want? Not the marriage! Especially not to the enemy! Cambria never wanted to marry, but after her father’s death, can she hold the title or will it be taken from her by the English? Cambria is a strong, beautiful girl, willing to sacrifice herself for her clan. Her father taught her her duty along with sword play and other knightly skills. A beautifully told story, well written and captivating and totally worth the read!


Fierce and fearless Sir Holden de Ware has been sent to Scotland to ally with the Gavin clan and secure the border—an easy conquest, he assumes, until he discovers that the impassioned warrior defending the castle is a woman.  Fiery Cambria Gavin is not about to surrender her land.  She blames Holden for her father’s death and—as proud and capable as any knight—she vows vengeance.  But her sworn enemy proves gallant, courageous, and irresistible, and revenge becomes a double-edged sword as Cambria finds her blade…and her heart…hopelessly entangled with his.


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