With Open Arms by Cindy Nord

With Open Arms                                     5 STARS

This is an awesome love story! A man who won’t give up on the woman he loves but can’t throw away responsibilities that would separate them. A man strong enough let a strong woman show her strength and strong enough to rescue her from dangerous situations. A man any woman could love!

Living in the American Southwest in the late 1860s was hard. Indians, desert conditions, distances between neighbors and from cities, and how is a girl ever to meet someone to marry? Easy if you have a brother to send you a candidate and a partner for your ranch! But Callie doesn’t even know she wants a candidate and she definitely doesn’t a partner. Trials and separation open Callie’s eyes to the fact that she does want love and a happily ever after.


Hardened in childhood by the death of her parents, then left to run the family’s southwestern territory ranch when her brother rode off to fight for the Union years before, Callie Cutteridge hides her heartbreak behind a mask of self-sufficiency. Breaking horses for the army proves she’s neither delicate nor helpless. When a former cavalry officer shows up claiming to own her brother’s half of the Arizona ranch, she steels herself to resist the handsome stranger’s intention to govern even one single aspect of her life. After all, loving means losing…to her it always has.

For months, Jackson Neale has looked forward to putting the bloodstained battlefields back east behind him. Callie isn’t the agreeable angel her brother led him to believe, but he’s damned well not the useless rake this foul-mouthed hellion thinks he is, either. His quest for calm stability contradicts sharply with her need for control, yet still their heartstrings tangle. But how can these mistrusting partners transform their fiery passion into happily-ever-after?

Warning: Contains a high-strung, tart-tongued heroine who drives the hero past the point of rational thought. If she were a man, he’d be happy to connect a well-aimed fist at her jaw. As it is, he’d be happy to give her foul mouth a good scrubbing with a bar of soap.


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