A Masterpiece Unraveled by Nikki Lynn Barrett

A masterpierce unraveled                                        4 STARS

This is book two in the Masterpiece Trilogy. You must read the books in order. This is a fantastic love story with an intense and deep mystery that Hunter and Becca are trying to unravel to learn the secrets about their pasts and why someone wants to hurt them. I love the story. However, about 20% of the books seems to be some variation of the same conversation: “I’m messed up but I need you and love you” and “You’re everything to me, I’ll never leave you alone.”  These conversations are tender and heartfelt with great quotable lines! I just thought it was a little much. Don’t let that stop you from reading it, though! Its a well thought out plot and I haven’t been able to figure out 95% of the twists yet! Looking forward to reading the final book!


As love blossoms, twenty year old secrets threaten it all….

Becca and Hunter have always tried to make sense of a tragedy, but they never fully asked why. Why were they on the same plane? Where were they going, or coming from? Recent events force them to find out everything they can about the plane crash and the events that led them there.

Becca’s always been strong. She’s always found a safety net in Hunter, the man who saved her as a child and always stuck by her, giving her reason to go on when no one else gave her a chance. Now, she fights to keep her strength going, but her fears begin to get the better of her, and the facade she tries to hold up threatens to crack.

Hunter is learning to fight his demons and put them to rest, but he can’t help but worry about Becca and the future they’ve just begun to build. She’s become the withdrawn person he’d been for the past few years and he doesn’t know how to help, unless he finds the answers they both are desperate to know.

They’ve always battled every storm together, but a new storm could sweep in and blow the foundation right out from under them….

The second installment of the Masterpiece trilogy is full of twists, turns, and secrets that come unburied…


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