Candra’s Freedom by AJ Nuest

Chandra's Freedom                                                       5 STARS

Lost in amnesia, Rowena is told she is engaged to marry a prince who is not there and that she came to be in the castle through a magic mirror but she doesn’t believe in magic – does she? She must deal with fitting into a world she can’t remember. You could probably read this as a stand alone, but it will mean so much more if you read Rowena’s Key first. You will definitely want to Caedmon’s Curse to see what happens next! I think I’m learning to love “paranormal”!


Lost in a world she doesn’t recognize, Rowena struggles to find her place.

Yet her abilities with a blade and the loyalty of a fierce falcon don’t discourage the heated advances of the handsome Prince Caedmon, and the connection between them seems much deeper than her troubled heart can recall.


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