Winter’s Burn by Elena Aitken

Winter's Burn                                          5 STARS

This man is not afraid of kids! He is interested in Beth and her 12 year old daughter doesn’t deter him. I’ve never been a single mom, but totally loved that Slade like the daughter as much as the mother! Romantic situations and some drama keep me hooked on this story.


Hide away at The Springs!

Single mom, Beth Martin is doing her best raising her daughter Jules on her own after moving back to the small town she grew up in. She’s been welcomed back by old friends and a decent job at the Springs resort. Things are going well, but something—or someone—is missing.

When sexy rock star, Slade Black comes to town, it just might be what Beth is looking for. But exciting rock stars aren’t really suited for the small town lifestyle, or for single moms. Beth has to think of her daughter above all else. Even her own desires.
But Slade isn’t one to give up on what he wants, and Beth is exactly what he wants. And if he isn’t mistaken, he is exactly what Beth wants, too.

But when Beth sets aside her responsibilities and takes a chance on him, the consequences might be more than either of them can handle.

**WINTER’S BURN can be read and enjoyed as a stand alone novel, but you will likely also enjoy the rest of The Springs series.

Book 1- Summer of Change (Trent and Samantha)
Book 2 – Falling Into Forever (Rhys and Kari)
Book 3 – Winter’s Burn (Slade and Beth)
Book 4 – Midnight Springs (Jax and Bria)


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