Second Glances by Elena Aitken

Second Glances                                         5 STARS

What a fun story! A romantic twist on the old TV show Fantasy Island. Who wouldn’t want to be taken to a tropical island for a romantic getaway? A (literally) magical place where dreams come true.


When Kylie Wilson receives a mysterious invitation for an all expenses paid trip to a tropical, all inclusive resort, there’s no doubt in her mind who it came from–Marcus Stone, the only man she thought she loved. The same man who’d promised her forever and then promptly left town to pursue his dream without so much as a backward glance.

Kylie owes it to herself to take a chance, and despite her conflicted feelings, she decides to risk her heart again and is soon jetting toward the island of Eden and the man she hopes will finally fill the void in her life.

But when she arrives, and it’s not Marcus at all, but his much sexier twin brother, Malcolm, Kylie’s more confused then ever. But on an island that is supposed to ‘know exactly what you need’, can Kylie open her body, mind, and more importantly–her heart to the idea that sometimes you have to take Second Glances?

**Second Glances can be read and enjoyed as a stand alone novel, but you will likely also enjoy the rest of The Springs series.**


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