Lords of Atonement by K. R. Richards

LoA5                                                                         5 STARS

I have been impatiently waiting for this book to come out! I was not disappointed! This final book in the Lords of Avalon series is perfect.  The series follows a group of friends who formed the Avalon Society as a way to study treasures from the past. They are now searching for Holy Relics stolen or hidden during the Dissolution and are in a race against a group of brown coated men to get to the treasures first.

Ms. Richards did a fantastic job of researching plots, locations and historical events to come up with this utterly fantastic series! The twists and turns in the plot kept me reading non-stop and on the edge of my seat, especially in this last book! I almost wished the few love scenes weren’t there so I could find out everything faster! I absolutely loved every member of the Avalon Society and cannot wait to continue reading their stories in the upcoming series as they search for the Shroud of Christ.


In the Lords of Avalon series finale, the Avalon Society and Department members realize the Leader of the Knights of the Brown Order is someone among them.

Marrek Penaluna, the Earl of St. Erth, secretly contacts a trusted friend and valuable informant in the London underworld to check into the backgrounds of the men he suspects could be the Leader. While waiting for answers, he must protect his beloved wife, Catherine, who is now a Brown Coat target.

Lachlan Douglas, the Earl of Gryfe, has sworn to protect the sister of the man who died saving his life. Lachlan decides she will be the perfect wife for him. However, Lady Wednesday isn’t quite sure of the motivations behind the handsome Scot’s attentions.

Newton “Newt” Lambrick, Lord Alloway, a wealthy Baron, is pursuing Marrek’s sister, Lady Elowen Penaluna. Newt is as determined to win her, as Elowen is to evade him. She is the Healer in the part of Bodmin Moor she calls home and refuses to deviate from her predestined path. Elowen soon realizes that she can’t deny she wants Newt as much as he wants her, still, she will not forsake those who depend upon her.

When they discover the identity of Leader of the Knights of the Brown Order, the Avalon Society and Department members must apprehend him before he can escape. They take the task in hand, knowing that lives will be forever changed.

Lords of Atonement is the finale in the Lords of Avalon Series. Lord of the Abbey, Lords of Honor, Lords of Retribution, and the Avalon series companion Novella, Lord Greyton’s Fall From Grace, are all available on Amazon Kindle now.


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