The Suffragette Scandal by Courtney Milan

Suffragette Scandal    5 STARS!!

Another AMAZING book by Courtney Milan full of all the aspects that can take us  to the perfect get-a-way “staycation”


HUMOROUS “It’s too bad you aren’t a pirate, as you’d once planned. That would make puppy delivery far more efficient. I’d bring up my own ship next to you and send you an entire broadside of puppies.”

REALITY “Not all truths are bitter, and not all lies are sweet.”

UNDERSTANDING Maybe pessimism was as much a lie as optimism.

SCANDALOUS “Yes,” she said simply. “We are going to make the most massive scandal. We’re good at scandals, you see.

ROMANTIC “I love you,” Edward told her. “I want to give you your heart’s desire, not spend the rest of my life knowing that I stole your dreams from you.”



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