Trapped At The Alter by Jane Feather

trapped at the alter                           4 STARS

Have you ever agreed to do something, knowing you weren’t going to do it, just to get the petitioner to leave you alone? Has the plan ever backfired? Sometimes the thing you absolutely don’t want to do could end up being the best thing for you.

Ariadne has a lover. She is also betrothed to a man she grew up with. In love with one and best friends with another. This story starts off with Ariadne having to give up her lover to marry her best friend, the man her grandfather arranged for her to marry as a young child. This conflict takes up the first half of the book. Just as you think the story is starting to drag, the author throws in a journey, a gang of thieves and King Charles’ court.

Misunderstandings and secrets cause conflicts with the newlyweds and the story continues to drag now and then. But it is a good story. And Ariadne finds her happily ever after.


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